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The 200 Club, May 1988 -> Jan 2022

Formed on 2nd May 1988 the 200 Club has written nearly £40,000 of winners cheques (£50, £30,£20 monthly) and paid out many thousands of pounds in grants to local groups within St.Andrews over these 33 years.

However, with a vastly reduced membership, and it being increasingly difficultto attract new members willing to pay £2 a month, it is no longer viable. It will close on 31/01/22.

The FINAL DRAW was in Jan 2022 and the gaming licence with Fife Council will not be renewed.

What do you need to do?

Please CANCEL the £2 monthly payment you currently make to the 200 Club from your bank account. Our Bank are not able to stop your payment (or return it) so please cancel your £2 payment with your bank at your earliest convenience.

The 200 Club bank account will remain open until all winners and grant cheques have been cashed.Any payments received from Feb 2022 will be returned by cheque when the payments stop arriving.

Many Thanks for your support of the 200 Club, and best wishes for 2022



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