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Sea view to St Andrews castle


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Who are we?

The Community Council acts as the voice of the population of St Andrews through a maximum of 20 elected members, who must be residents of St Andrews.

We also have a variable number of nominated and co-opted members. They represent various local organisations and are there to advise us, but they can’t vote.

Four Fife councillors for St Andrews also attend meetings as ex officio members: they haven’t been elected and can’t vote, but they take part in Community Council meetings because of their expertise and knowledge.

The current membership of the Community Council can be found on our Members page!

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What do we do?

We engage in various ways with the people of St Andrews, promote community participation in local matters and are involved in projects and activities that promote the best possible environment for those living, working, studying in or visiting the town.

How we operate is subject to procedures specified by Fife Council. You can read more about this at 

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Where do we meet?

Prior to the pandemic, we met on the first Monday evening of each month at 7 pm in the Burgh Chambers of the Town Hall. However, due to work being done here, we are finding alternative spaces. We advertise dates and times on our Facebook channel. Minutes are posted on the "Full Council" page of our website.

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Want to join us? 

We currently have vacancies on the council. If you live in St Andrews and want to know more, please contact us for more information about how to join.

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