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A Local Place Plan for St Andrews!

The Community Council have embarked on a journey and require the help and support of local people, businesses, organisations, clubs, societies, groups, students, visitors, and tourists to produce a Local Place Plan for St Andrews.

Local Place Plans are community-led plans setting out proposals for the development and use of land. Introduced by the 2019 Planning (Scotland) Act, local place plans will set out a community’s aspirations for its future development. Once completed and then registered by the planning authority, they are to be considered in the preparation of the relevant Local Development Plan, the next one of which will come into force in 2027.

St Andrews Community Council envisage the development of the plan to take up to 12 months, with the community engagement to fall over the summer and into the Autumn period.

How can you help?

The Community Council will be engaging in online surveys/questionnaires and public events where you will get an opportunity to provide your views and thoughts on the shape and function of the town for the future.

The Community Council will be engaging the community in due course, but in the meamtime, your views and comments are welcome at



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