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Band performances continue to enjoy the sun!

Clackmannan District Brass played a very popular programme of well-known brass band tunes to an appreciative audience on Sunday 31st July.  The selection of music went down very well with the excellent crowd that assembled at the Bow Butts.  It seems that we continue to confound the weather forecasters and when the music starts, the sun comes out.

Let's hope that our meteorological luck holds this Sunday, 7th August, when we welcome Lochgelly Band to the Bow Butts, 2pm-4pm, for our third Summer Concert.

Work on the restoration of the bandstand has been continuing this week with the painstaking removal of paintwork from both woodwork and metalwork.  In about 10 days' time the installation of the new decorative balustrade railings and spandrels will begin.  At that stage we will begin to see a significant difference to the appearance of the bandstand.



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