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Community council election results

Following the close of nominations, we now have a list of persons nominated for the community council. Given it was not that case that the number of nominations exceeded the maximum membership, there was no postal ballot.

You can see a list of those nominated at:

There were 16 elected (of a maximum of 20):

Corbin, Mrs I W R

Corbin, Kevin

Dobson, Neil Cunningham

Fraser, Penelope

Groeneveld, Eva

Harding, Judith

MacDonald, Kenneth

Marks, Patrick

McLeod, Callum

Murray, David

Newman, Gregory

Passmore, Martin

Reid, Mike

Shepherd, Gordon

Veitch, Michael

Gina, Wilson

The new Community Council will take effect on 15 March and the inaugural meeting on Monday, 8 April, 2024 at 7.00 pm in The Council Chambers, St Andrews Town Hall, Queens Gardens, St Andrews.

An elected member from Fife Council, Councillor Robin Lawson will open the meeting and chair the meeting until the Chairperson for the community council has been appointed. Thereafter the meeting will be chaired by the newly appointed Chair of the community council and the remaining office bearer positions will be appointed (Chairperson, Secretary, Vice Chairperson (optional) and Treasurer).

See next blog post for the agenda for this meeting. Members of the public are welcome to attend.



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