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Draft agenda - meeting 4 September

Draft agenda - meeting 4 Sept

Monthly Agenda of the Council, 7.00 p.m. Meeting to be held in the Council Chambers, St Andrews Town Hall

AGENDA Jane Kell (StandEn) will outline recent developments 0 MEMBERSHIP

1 SEDERUNT AND APOLOGIES 2 POLICE SCOTLAND 3 FIFE COUNCILLORS’ BUSINESS 3.1 Councillor Al Clark 3.2 Councillor Jane Ann Liston 3.3 Councillor Ann Verner 3.4 Councillor Robin Lawson 4 DRAFT MINUTES, Meeting held on 7 August 2023 5 MATTERS ARISING 5.1 Remembrance Day 5.2 Deed of gift Younger Hall 5.3 BID attendance 5.4 RBSTACC badges 6 LOCAL PLACE PLAN 7 REPORTS FROM REPRESENTATIVES 7.1 Student representatives 7.2 Uni of St Andrews representative 7.3 BID representative 7.4 Other bodies 8 BUSINESS PROPOSALS 8.1 Professional notetaker 8.2 Netflix funding for LPP 9. COMMITTEE BUSINESS 9.1 Planning & Licensing Committee 9.2 Wellbeing Committee 9.3 Community Engagement Committee 9.4 Transport Committee 9.5 Common Good Committee / Notification Common Good Fund applications 10 OFFICE BEARERS’ BUSINESS 10.1 Community Council Chair 10.2 Secretary 10.3 Treasurer 11 ANY OTHER BUSINESS


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