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HMO policy review - consultation

Fife Council currently have a consultation on their HMO (House in Multiple Occupation Overprovision policy.

In April 2019, Fife Council implemented the Policy within St Andrews based on a 0% increase in the number of HMOs, i.e., no further growth. This was following consultation with residents and interest groups and after considering the level of housing need and demand, the operation of local housing markets, the HMO policy framework, and the provision of HMO accommodation across Fife.

According to the policy, an HMO licence is required for accommodation that is:

  • Occupied by three or more persons from three or more families

  • Occupied as a sole or main residence; and,

  • Providing shared basic amenities

The policy is under review and you can take part in Fife Council's consultation by following the link below:





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