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St Andrews foodbank

Here is some information about how Storehouse Foodbank St Andrews works. Any one of us can fall into hard times at some point, you don’t need to feel ashamed about needing a bit of help at the moment. Lots of people in our community care and donate food to help people. The volunteers are a really friendly bunch.

Anyone with a referral is invited to come to a Storehouse drop-in to collect food. The team will chat and help select items needed.

Food and drinks vouchers are also available to use in the Community Cafe at the St Davids Centre at drop-in sessions.

For more, see


Tuesdays: 11am-1pm, 5.30pm-6.30pm

Thursdays: 11am-1pm

Location: St Davids Centre, Albany Park, St. Andrews, KY16 8BP

You can also donate

The foodbank relies on the donations of generous individuals and groups to serve the community. You can make arrangements to deliver to the St Davids Centre between 10am-4pm on Wednesdays - (but other drop off locations are available, see below!)

At the St Davids Centre there is a carpark around the back. There is a back door to the building that we use. You'll see a sign on the door with a doorbell attached, ring the bell, and someone will come out to meet you.

A few local businesses also collect donations for the foodbank:

  • Nationwide, 151 Market Street, St Andrews

  • Braemore Lettings, 73 South Street, St Andrews

  • Morrisons, St Andrews

  • Sainsbury’s St Andrews



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