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Storehouse foodbank - next Giveaway Day 9 July

Storehouse is a food bank in St Andrews, based in the St David's Centre near Albany Park.

They run Giveaway Days four times a year to coincide with the school holidays.

The event is for anyone and everyone who needs a bit of extra help with food supplies - no referral needed. The cost of living crisis is affecting many people from all walks of life, any one of us could fall on hard times, but as a local community we are able to lend a hand to support each other through it.

If you would like to donate, keep checking Storehouse's Facebook page ( for lists of popular items people need. If you can pop a few of these items in your basket when you're out shopping, they would be gratefully received.

The St David's centre is open to receive donations every Wednesday 10am-4pm.



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